Sand seal installation

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Sand seal installation

Postby Larry Jowdy » Sat Mar 15, 2008 12:25 pm


VW's have an oil slinger inside the case behind the pulley. Oil tends to fling out the case behind the pulley. Off road enthusiasts usually install a sand seal to keep the sand out and the oil in.

here's instructions for a bolt on kit that doesn't require machining of your case. I might caution that you need a pulley with a steel sleeve or a steel pulley for this application. The reason is the seal will eventually wear a groove in an aluminum pulley's snout.

Finally, if you can remove your existing pulley, the bolt on application will work with your engine/car configuration. ... yPage1.pdf ... yPage2.pdf


A tool is made that allows you to cut the case and install a seal, much like a wheel bearing seal, into the case. This too should be used with a steel pulley as described above.

My recommendation is don't cut your case while it's still together. Although it has been said that chips don't fall into the engine, some will find their way into your oil sump. I've preached this in the past and only recommend the machining process if you're going to open up your engine.

Many of my friends run the bolt on application with great success.
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