Do I need an auxiliary oil cooler?

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Do I need an auxiliary oil cooler?

Postby Larry Jowdy » Sun Feb 04, 2007 8:19 am

I've been messing with VW's for over 40 years. Yes, the dog house cooler (cooler on the back of the fan shroud) works much better than the old internal style cooler that mixed hot air from the oil cooler with the cool intake air. Usually, #3 cylinder suffered from the old design. Those that believe the stock cooler is sufficient to cool oil in a big bore/stroked engine probably have a broken oil temperature gauge. Remember, the stock VW cooler was designed for an engine that produced 53 horsepower and probably never exceeded 4,500 RPM's.

It's my opinion that an extra cooler is an investment in the future.(of your engine).... Especially if the ambient air temperature exceeds 80 degree's and or the humidity level raises along with the air temp..

It doesn't take long for the oil to heat up and since your engine uses both air and cool oil to keep the internal temp's within check, I ALWAYS suggest an additional cooler. It's wise to have the cooler with the thermostat. The thermostat allows the oil to warm up and reach operating temperatures. Additionally, if the extra cooler is not in a good air stream, the optional fan helps the cooler radiate heat from the fins of the

Additionally, it's really wise to have the engine modified for a full flow oil system in conjunction with the cooler. Having a filter add's about another quart of oil between the lines and the filter..

Additional information

There are a whole variety of ways to plumb the system. If you have an external oil filter, run a line from the face of the oil pump to the filter \"IN\" then from the filter OUT, a line to the cooler (If the cooler is mounted vertical, run the IN line at the bottom of the cooler. From the OUT side on the cooler, run that line to the oil galley fitting located above the oil pump on the passenger side of the case.

Of course, it you want, the cooler can be the first stop then on to the filter. (It doesn't really matter)

Several oil coolers with thermostats are available. See suppliers like CB, KarTek, Moore Parts, CIP1 etc etc. Try for a Mesa cooler as they seem to be the best. Stay away from the coolers that looks like a radiator with a bunch of aluminum fragile fins.

Go to: ... oil+cooler
and scroll down about 3/4 of the page and you'll see a Mesa 96 plate kit (thermostat, cooler, fan) These work great!!!!!
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