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Please Read this

Postby Larry Jowdy » Sat May 01, 2010 7:50 am

Lately, members have been contacting me via email, PM etc regarding orders they placed with Greg Leach, owner of Vintage Spyders.

I REALLY don't want to be in the middle of your deal with Greg. In the past, I've honored these requests and have contacted Greg with your complaints/problems/parts needed etc etc etc.

Just for reference, I know Greg and as a person, I like him.

I have been to his shop on numerous occasions, had him bend some tubing for a dunebuggy project, bought parts, acted as his agent and sold his great valve cover and as a person, he's a great guy.

Again for reference, I don't socialize with Greg on a personal level therefore, my relationship is strictly on a business level.

Greg has indicated that he gets a million phone calls and everyone wants to know why they don't have their cars, parts etc. Greg's staff consists of only a few workers and according to him, when someone calls they ONLY want to speak to Greg thus taking him from your or someone elses project.

Greg puts out a great product, he's not a crook, in other words, he hasn't stolen customers money so be patient.

So, as of this moment, I will no longer get in the middle of any communication, problem or inquiry as it relates to Vintage Spyder.

Also, for information, Greg has indicated that he doesn't have time to read this forum so starting a thread \"looking for Greg\" etc etc does no good.

Please understand, I've had way too many emails regarding this subject and quite frankly, It's not my problem and I don't want it to become my problem.
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