Help! I forgot my username/password (solution)

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Help! I forgot my username/password (solution)

Postby Dave Avery » Sat Apr 23, 2005 7:18 am

Hi Guys

I get a lot of requests for this, I would prefer if you would try to remedy this yourselves first before contacting me or a moderator.

Many people forget their usernames or passwords, please follow these steps to troubleshoot and reset them yourselves.

1) If you know your username, skip to step 2, if not, go to search, then choose \"Search for Author:\". Put in a partial of your known name, IE, I could put in \"Dave*\" (no quotes) to find stuff I posted. Review the results, and \"find yourself\"
2) Choose the \"Login in\"/ \"Log out\" from the top header menu. If you are presently logged in, this will log you out. Once you do this, there is an option for \"I forgot my password\". Fill out this form, with the username you knew or ascertained in step #1. It will be mailed to you, at the email address SC has on file.

It is wise to keep your email address current for this system to work.


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