A registry of owners and their brand of vehicle


Postby Larry Jowdy » Tue Jan 06, 2009 5:56 am

This Registry will assist those looking for other owners and will also provide their general geographical location

Add to this forum if you own a car assembled by Chuck Becks crew or if you own a Beck home built vehicle You can also add any modifications, improvements etc.

Remember, to add your name, city, state, (country), modifications etc

Feel free to add photo's of your vehicle
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Postby RickJ » Tue Jan 06, 2009 11:26 am

2002 Beck (factory built), purchased 2005 from original owner
California / SB100 \"smog exempt\"
Silver-Blue / Red Int
Speedster Windshield
Black Top (custom enlarged rear window for added visibility), Side Curtains, Red Tonneau
2165 cc CB Performance Engine
Ceramic Coated Dual Exhaust by CB Performance (added 2008, after this photo was taken) - partial insulating wrap engine-to-mufflers area
Replica \"Porsche\" valve covers
Hi Torque Starter
Ca Smog Exempt - SB100
Rick Jiloty / San Jose, CA
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Postby egrant5329 » Tue Jan 06, 2009 2:09 pm

1986 Beck Kit #75
White / Red Interior
DRD Racing 2007cc Type-1
Dual 44 IDFs
KCR Pro-Street Transaxle 3.44/0.93
Vintage Exhaust

Ed Grant
Grantham, NH
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Postby Mike 68 » Wed Jan 07, 2009 9:50 am

Beck 222
Silver- / black Int.
Plexiglas Windshield
2.4 liter WBX Aire cooled engine
full flow oil cooling system in the front
External oil filter, Fram HP-1
76,4 Crank
100mm Alu. Cylinder
100mm Porsche 996 Piston with special Rings
Carbs. 50,5mm Dellorto,
Cam FK 98,
Heads CB-Competion Eliminator 48mm inlet 40mm outlet Titanium
Titanium Push rods
Pauter Rocker Arms 1:4
special transmission Formel Super V
Porsche Fan
Ceramic Coated Dual Exhaust by CB Performance
4 disc 5x205 front vent. CSP
front 4 1/2J 185/55/15
rear 5 1/2J 205/55/15
front sway a way bar
shocks 4 red Koni`s classic
original style front and back ligths
Banjo steering wheel
Simpson 5 pkt. harness

on the way to the Nürburgring

Mike Auster Germany
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Postby Bert » Wed Jan 07, 2009 1:49 pm

Beck #67

California SB100 certified smog exempt for life

Body manufactured in the fall of 1986

EXTERIOR - Crystal Blue Mica with Highlight Silver Metallic Darts trimmed with red – both 2001 Mazda colors

BODY DETAILS - Replica 550 Running Lights w/rear reflectors, oil cooler grill, Porsche and Spyder badging, torsion hole covers, plexiglass low windshield from Dario and mirror, gas strut hood and trunk stays, H4 headlights, hood pins

INTERIOR - Black seats, grab handle, black carpet, aluminum inserts under the seats and footwells, billet hidden cup holders

GAUGES - 356 Replica Speedo 0-200K, Tach 0-6K, Combo Gas & oil temp gauge)
STEERING WHEEL Momo Race (330mm) w/Porsche insert horn button

PEDALS - Standard Volkswagen

SHOCKS - Front (KYB GR-2), Rear (KYB GR-2) with dust cover removed

ENGINE - 1776cc Type 1, w/Dual Twin Throat 40mm Dellorto’s, all stainless braided lines, Bugpack breather, Volkswagen doghouse cooling system, alternator, remote hi flow oil filter

FUEL SYSTEM - Coated gas tank with high flow fuel filters (Front Fram HPG1) (Rear K&N) and –6 stainless braided lines

SHIFTER - Brandwood cable shifter w/reverse lockout & Australian Redback spider shift knob, 7 foot Morse cable

TRANSMISSION - 4 speed w/ standard (POC) Volkswagen gearing

EXHAUST - Ceramic coated standard Beck

IGNITION – MSD – MSD 6AL with rev limiter

BRAKES - Front (4 bolt disk w/braided lines), Rear (4 bolt disk w/braided lines)

WHEELS - 4 bolt chrome (Front 15X4.5inch) (Rear 15X5.5inch)

TIRES - 185/65 R15 Bridgestone RE950 (front), 205/60 R15 Bridgestone RE950 (rear)
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Beck Spyder #055

Postby Frank Brsucato » Fri Jan 09, 2009 2:26 pm

Yes my spyder was built by chuck beck No. 055 It now has a porsche 912 engine.
Frank Brsucato

Postby s courtney » Mon Jan 12, 2009 6:09 am

063 home built Beck, Red with camel interior.
1720 cc Porsche 912 engine, Head work by Competition Engineering, JE Pistons, Carrillo rods, Norris 300-degree cam. ZF Steering Gear, 3.05 first, 2.31 second, 1.21 third, .82 forth, 3.88 final.
MSD ignition 7,000 rev limit. 48 IDF Webbers. 356 B brakes to be mounted soon.
s courtney

Beck with Subaru Twin-Turbo

Postby TwoTonic » Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:03 am

Beck (locally constructed)
Type I Swing Axle
Type I Transaxle (R&P flipped)
Subaru EJ20 Twin Turbo (intercooled)
Zermatt Silver
Cable Shifter
SDS Engine Management
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Postby baehr1 » Tue Mar 03, 2009 9:46 am

original chamonix spyder kit bought in 2008 and registered since April 2011
silver exterior /red leather interior
speedster windshield
2.2 liter type 1 air cooled engine
82mm crank
94mm piston
44 Weber IDFs
special cam with lube lobe tappets
044 heads with 44mm inlet and 38mm exhaust
chrome molybdenum push rods
rocker Arms with needle roller bearings 1:1.3
full flow oil cooling system front
porsche cooling fan and housing
crankcase ventilation
transmission with Formel Super V gear ratios
215mmm clutch
4 in 2 in 1 stainless steel exhaust by HUB-Auspufftechnik
2 discs 5*205 (inside ventilated) front and 2 disks 5*205 rear
front 4 1/2J 165/50/15
rear 4 1/2J 195/50/15
front sway a way bar
4 adjustable yellow SPAX shocks
Nardi steering wheel
racing outside mirror left
door handles
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Postby duck944t » Thu Aug 27, 2009 10:54 am

1991 Beck #62B, built by Beck
Actual Car used in the Movies:
"CRASH" 1996,
"Dream Weaver" 2007

Silver/Blue with Maroon Spike Stripes
Red Interior
Done up in James Dean Livery

Recently Updated:

2498 Type 1 Motor
Weber 48 IDFs
S/F Heads 44mm Intakes. 37.5mm Exhaust
Pauter F8 Cam
Pauter 1.3:1 Ratio Roller Rockers
MSD Billet Distributor
MSD Computer Tunable Ignition
External Fan/Cooler/Filter
Dry Sump Oil System
Custom "Bee Hive" Air Screens
Custom Height Adjustable Motor & Tranny Mounts
4-into-1 Wrapped exhaust, 34"x 1-7/8"dia primaries
with 24" Stainless 3"dia. Stinger
Rancho Pro Street Transmission / 3:88
Front Discs / Rear Drums / 10lb. Residual Valve
Braided Lines
Newly rebuilt Front Suspension
Polished Wheel Skins
Mangle 15"x5.5" 5 Bolt Wheels
Falken 195/60/15 Front, 215/60/15 Rear
Banjo Steering Wheel
Custom Door Handles
Custom front jacking mount

Daniel Mazza, Phoenix, AZ

Original pics before mods:
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Beck #573 1999

Postby mike550 » Mon Sep 07, 2009 9:02 am

I bought my car off of the second owner so I'm not too sure of the drivetrain specs. I believe my engine is a 2180cc VWT1 that reportedly makes 170 HP. Since I've owned it, I have removed the Beck installed exhaust/heaterbox system and replaced it with the ceramic coated 4-2-1 exhaust from Special Edition. What a great difference in exhaust tone. I dressed up the interior with an ivory banjo steering wheel with a homemade horn button, a spun aluminum gear shift knob and Porsche emblem seat belts. I also replaced the pathetic shocks that came from Beck; now the suspension actually feels legitimate.

I love this car!
Beck 550 573.pdf
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Postby Mihajlo » Mon Sep 21, 2009 8:34 am

Beck #197
911 2 ltr Mag case / 914 5 speed
928 spindles / Coil overs all around
Solex carbs
I just aquired the project so it's all new to me
\"It Shows\" Captian Ron
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Postby pcdesign69 » Mon Nov 09, 2009 8:29 pm

Beck 211 1987??
1966 912 engine
hopped up 4 spd vw tranny
learning more about it everyday...
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Postby Zack » Mon Nov 16, 2009 12:30 pm

Beck #573
Bought from Mike550... first owner had a modern cd player installed on the dash,,, I didn't want mess with fiber now... so I order a Customsound DIN that looks like the old radio but have Ipod, memory stick connector and cd. I order porsche Ivory radio knobs to install and match .
That doesn't look bad at all. car is beautiful, I add the darts on red with gold pinstriping, move the dash knobs around to look more original and add a cable remote trunk opener. Short shifter adapter is a must since the shifter is way too close to the leg. Lot of torque and easy to drive. Banjo steering wheel, 2.1 engine, \"Porsche\" valve covers...more good stuff are on the way.
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Beck EV

Postby ommdoc » Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:29 am

Hello all
I just refurbed a Beck 550 EV.
I have no idea what company did it originally, though it was very professionally done.
There are some minor issues with respect to battery access, and Trojan is coming out with a special watering system this year.
Any info on these EV's would be appreciated, as it does not seem to be an individualized unit, but rather a production piece.
Joel Stein
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