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Postby Altrick » Wed Feb 03, 2010 7:08 pm

1986 Beck S/N 071
Purchased from original owner last fall with only 2600 actual clicks on the chassis. He built a great automobile!
1776 cc Gene Berg engine. 40 mm Webers.
Added Cable-Shift (excellent upgrade).
Kept the drums. Stops effortlessly.
These cars make everyone smile!!

Rick Altfeter
Warner Robins, GA
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Postby Eric Johnson » Sat Mar 27, 2010 9:20 am

Beck #113

Silver with red darts. Black interior with red seats

2016cc built by Precision Racing
2 45 Dellortos
Engle cam
10 lb clutch w alloy flywheel
Berg full flow 6 qt sump
Oberg oil filter
Transform Superdiff 3.88 transaxle with higher 1 and 2 gear ratios.
Neal hydraulic clutch
Morse boat cable for throttle
Jmar shift linkage (rod)
Porsche 914 4 wheel disc brakes
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Eric Johnson

Beck #113
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Eric Johnson
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Postby Mihajlo » Sat Apr 17, 2010 1:15 pm

Well I'm finally getting started on this project.
Beck #197 with a 2.7 Ltr twin plug
\"It Shows\" Captian Ron
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Postby GatorGT3 » Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:10 pm

2003 factory Beck purchased in 2010 from original owner from Arizona.

Silver/red with kilometer gauges which has significantly increased my math skills doing the conversions.

2165 CB performance with thirsty Webers

Nardi wheel & aluminum pedal covers, and 547 Porsche valve covers on order.

Now our resident car at our house in the keys and is often used for transportation to Key West for the Duval Crawl.

Lon & Sherri, Sebring Florida.
Air cooled is so cool!

2003 Beck Spyder
1986 911 Carrera
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My Itsy Bitsy Spyder

Postby Prince50 » Thu Oct 06, 2011 5:31 pm

Beck #67


California SB100 certified smog exempt.

Body manufactured in the fall of 1986, Completed 2002? refurbished 2011.

EXTERIOR - Porsche Guards red with Pewter Metalic darts (Both Porsche factory colors)

BODY DETAILS - Replica 550 Running Lights w/rear reflectors, oil cooler grill, Porsche and Spyder badging all chrome including the crests, torsion hole covers, plexiglass high windscreen from Fibersteel, cowl mirror, gas strut hood and trunk stays, H4 headlights with non fresnel glass, Black clamshell belts and clamshell lock from Vintage. Relocated licence plate light to allow bent plate to be fully mounted on clamshell. This allows opening the clamshell without issues or removal of pipe end. Beck Gas filler tube surround.

INTERIOR - Black seats, Chrome grab handle, black carpet from Vintage, complete interior. Red "mood" lighting in the footwell.

GAUGES - 356 Replica Speedo 0-200K, Tach 0-6K, Combo Gas & oil temp gauge)

STEERING WHEEL Momo Race (330mm) w/Porsche insert . Horn button on dash.

SOUND SYSTEM - Punch motorcycle amplified system running either Ipod or Sirius satalite radio. All hidden with Chrome waterproof, speaker enclosures installed in side wells.

PEDALS - Standard Volkswagen, Vintage installed throttle cable and brackets.

SHOCKS - Front (KYB GR-2), Rear (KYB GR-2) with dust cover removed

ENGINE - 2100cc Type 1 by Vintage, w/Dual Twin Throat 40mm Dellorto’s, all stainless braided lines, custom breather, Volkswagen doghouse cooling system, alternator, remote hi flow oil filter

FUEL SYSTEM - Coated gas tank with high flow fuel filters (Front Fram HPG1) (Rear K&N) and –6 stainless braided lines

SHIFTER - Vintage solid non cable shifter

TRANSMISSION - Vintage 4 speed w/ standard (POC) Volkswagen gearing 1-3 and high 4th gear for freeway driving

EXHAUST - Vintage twin Magniflow

IGNITION – Bosh distributor/ coil with Compufire ignition

BRAKES - Front (Wide 5 bolt disk w/braided lines), Rear (Wide 5 bolt disk w/braided lines) All floating Audi calipers, with parking brake installed on the rear two.

WHEELS - Wide 5 Mangel bolt chrome (Front 15X4.5inch) (Rear 15X5.5inch)

TIRES - 185/65 R15 Bridgestone RE950 (front), 205/60 R15 Bridgestone RE950 (rear)

BATTERY - Red top Optima, relocated by Vintage to rear passanger corner of the engine compartment

Bought this car complete and really only kept the seats, guages, gas tank, shocks, ignition, carbs, and grills in the clamshell. Every other part was either, replaced, replated, repainted, removed, rehung, or rebuilt.
The bodyshop had to remove reshape and rehang the hood, clamshell, and both doors to correct for gap errors, some of which actually were damaging the fiberglass. Filled and redrilled almost every badge pin hole to correct placement, and do a ton of bodywork to stop cracks and hazing in the fiberglass body.

Vintage replaced 3 of the brakes with free floating calipers, and even had to remove a front brake caliper from the rear and get the correct Audi caliper that would accept a parking brake.

New motor, trans, motor mounts, trans strap, throttle, headlight buckets, badges, emblems, interior, windshield, hood straps, wheels, exhaust, start button, horn button, clutch, bushings, rotors, spindles, Parking brake, battery and battery box, battery cables, and I'm sure a ton more that I am forgetting.

When buying a used home built, be careful. Even if it looks like it is all there and sorted, when you open Pandora's box, stuff rears it's ugly head. This car drove and ran fine, but to have a reliable Spyder, I had to do it all. In addition, once you start things like Motormounts, it only makes sense to do everything you can afford while the car is apart. It makes it cheaper overall.

I came out to exactly what I would have paid for a turn key new spyder! But I did not have to wait 2 years either.

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Re: Beck

Postby mahes111 » Wed Oct 19, 2011 8:44 pm

Your excellent guidelines will be of great help to many. Nice post. I enjoyed reading it. Thanks! \:D/

Car Exhausts
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Re: Beck

Postby Prince50 » Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:00 am


Specs updated, PICS added. Rear PORSCHE crest is not installed in this PIC but is on the car now, and Vintage is reworking the wide 5 rims to be installed next week. I'll update then.

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Re: Beck

Postby Charles » Sun Apr 22, 2012 4:01 pm

I have 486, purchased in July 2000. Details to follow
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Re: Beck

Postby kevin k » Tue Jun 12, 2012 1:11 pm

beck #10, 1961 1600cc 356b pusher, dellortos, jamar, vdub trans, porsche drums
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beck #10 1600cc 356b pusher
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kevin k
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Re: Beck

Postby Jim » Sat Jul 21, 2012 8:57 pm

Kit #011
Porsche Guards Red
1955 speedster w/s, wheels, drums, signed Nardi steering wheel
Never driven over 110 mph, but my dog was loving it @ that speed!
Soon to be ex-wife hates it
needs some tlc
Lexington MA
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Re: Beck

Postby INDIANAPORSCHE » Fri Oct 05, 2012 7:03 pm

BECK #201

1996 originally from California, had 2 owners in Florida. I went with the third owner to pick it up from Tampa, in 1998 and just acquired it in August this year after it sat for 10 years in Miami.

We are doing a full restoration.

1915 dual port with Delorto carbs
freeway flyer tranny

We are looking for multiple parts as we complete the project. Need help locating Lexan windshield. Found in Rusty tubs but was not in stock when i called.
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Re: Beck

Postby Lewis Allen » Wed Dec 26, 2012 7:21 am

Beck 060 It was kit, don't know anything about it's history. I bought it form a man in NC back in 2002.

1776cc type 1

Dual Kadron 40's

Bought it while living in Fl and moved to Wy in 2009. I am now in the process of repainting it.
Lewis Allen
Beck 060
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Lewis Allen
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Re: Beck # 208

Postby snowback » Thu Jun 20, 2013 9:57 pm

I have Beck 208
Color: white
Interior: Red
Banjo steering wheel
Brand wood cable shifter
Hide away gauges for oil pressure and temp.
2110 cc type 1 engine with exterior oil cooler
40mm dual weber carbs
Rancho performance transaxle 3:88 pinion with 4 th bus gear
Wide five wheels with drums all around

Purchased in January 2006 or was it 2007 (?) from New Hampshire. I believe I am the third owner.
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Re: Beck

Postby Ralphc » Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:59 am

Beck 167, not "B" model. Original owner. Body-on-Chassis purchased from Chuck Beck in Ontario, CA Sept. 1989, picked up Feb. 1990. First registered May 1991. Yes, it has the funky door hinges, the MG replica door latches, no hood hinge and no firewall cutaway. It hasn't worn the orange turn signals and trailer taillights in years, but it still sports Chuck's seats and carpet in red. Nardi on shortened adaptor. Correct 550 gauges on 914 German cores. Delivered in grey gelcoat. Painted in Porsche non-blue silver. Speedster windshield. Paint and windshield custom speckled with rock chips accrued since 1991.
Short axle, 4 wheel disc brakes (Neal/Wilwood Dynalite single), wide 5 in 5.5x15 with backspace altered, in powercoat, 14 mm, long studs. 185/65 front 205/60 rear. Pro street type transaxle, 3.88 r&p, Weddle close ratio gearset all 4. Modified Jaymar rod shifter. Neal pedals with hydraulic clutch and dual (balance rod) M/C brakes
2275cc, Engle K8, Pauter 1.3 rockers, Bugpack H section rods, P&P Street Eliminator heads 42x37.5, Custom 4 into 1 long tube stepped header, long Burns collector, with Borla muffler. Airbox and remote oil coolers. Full flow Wix filter. All plumbing AN, hose is fabric overbraid SAE 100R5 grade. Safeguard. Mallory Unilite and Mallory fuel pump. Weber 44 IDF. More TQ than HP.
Formula Vee style 5/8" front sway bar, 5/8" rear Z bar, softest old bug rear torsion bars available, adjustable springplates, front single spring pack beefed with stiffer sway away leaves. Nose of engine tied to torsion bar frame tube via modified transmission mount.
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Pearl White 550

Postby RSMS » Tue Jun 10, 2014 10:53 am

Factory-built at Special Edition in 2003.
Paint: Pearl White (broker believes it's an Audi color)
Interior: Tan fabric
VIN: 550000781
Engine: 1915cc VW Type 1 (allegedly)
Location: San Francisco, California
Options: "Winter package" (soft top and side windows)

Anyone from Beck's and/or Special Edition here? I'm looking for details, specs and any other information on this vehicle. It was sold to the broker (Beverly Hills Motorsport) with only legal documents, but no paperwork regarding components, paint, etc. Any information would be much appreciated (please send a private message via this forum.)
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