NorCal April Fools Rallye

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NorCal April Fools Rallye

Postby RS-60 mark » Fri Mar 04, 2016 7:37 pm

We (Ann and I) have done the April Fools Rallye the past 4 years. We are terrible at it, but it is a lot of fun and great excuse to go out and spyder-around.

The attached link provides info; especially what the "how-to" trick is for this kind of A-B Rallye: On the attached link go down the page to the Rallye Website link. On the Rallye Website there is a sample "paper Rallye". Be sure to take the paper Rallye and you'll start to get the idea. When actually on the road, the Rallye is full-time driver and navigator team participation! It takes two.

It takes about 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 hours to complete. There is no reward for speed, but there is a time limit. To the extent of the time limit, you can take as long as you want. It is very common to do a lot of doubling back on the route looking for something that was missed. It is a run-what-you-brung event, from a Loutus 7 to a mini van. It is an open, pure charity event, no club affiliations are required (I list myself as a spyderclub member :nana: )

Anyway, Ann and I are going to give it another whack. Maybe some of you NorCal'ers want to play with a full day's event too.
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