Windscreen for 718 RSK

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Re: Windscreen for 718 RSK

Postby RS-60 mark » Wed Sep 18, 2019 10:10 am

Wow! Maybe for only 4995 pounds I'll sell you mine, glass included! Heck, maybe for only another 20,000 pounds I'll sell you my whole complete car with the windscreen already mounted!!

More seriously, 5000 pounds is not a lot for custom tooling. That buys you about 50 hours of time, materials and overhead. That sounds about right. But it is a lot for a windscreen plus the cost of glass.

So, Spyders Inc. did not have a good solution for you? If not, maybe they would split the cost with you at Pilkington and make the RS-60 windscreen an available option on their 718 production. With an option price of 450-500 pounds, an investment cost in the range we are talking could amortize fairly quickly.
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