Regrettably selling my 2000 Vintage Spyder?

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Regrettably selling my 2000 Vintage Spyder?

Postby stitchmon » Tue Apr 09, 2019 9:18 pm

I'm regrettably considering selling my Spyder I've had for 14 years. It's always been garage stored, and under a cover. The past six years or so, it's been on jack stands while I sloooowly made upgrades - some complete, most in process.

I can get updated photos in a week or so. I have to take it down off the stands to roll it out of the garage. However, it essentially looks unchanged externally from when I bought it, I'll try to add that photo here first. Only noticeable difference is that I removed the chrome hub caps - was budgeting for a five wide conversion 10 years ago, which hasn't yet happened. And the Texas license stickers have been removed from the wind screen.

Here are the spec.'s from the prior owner's description, my updates are in bold italics & underlined.

Rennsport model with headrest (550A helmet faring) and open slots in rear fender. (I'm working with a local body-shop (to Cleveland) to help me make the carb doors functioning as well making the helmet faring swing up for access to the Carb doors, I'm also having him look at lowering the position of the two rear grills & flattening out the tail end. He's also going to go through & fill/level any of the rest of the glass bodywork & re-painting the same color - it's a minor annoyance with a major solution)
Porsche DuPont silver paint (circa 91-93)
Charcoal interior (I'm in process of removing most of the Charcoal carpet in favor of aluminum sheets and Beachwood laminated plywood for the floors - plywood flooring was used on the original - the Beach just adds a touch of "class")
Removable Rollbar
Discs all round
2110cc VW Type I made by CB Performance w/Weber 44's
MSD 6AL and MSD coil
3.88 Ratio w/ Quaife torque biasing differential
New style Vintage exhaust
New turn signals - correct looking ones from Vinatge
New tires (as of 2005 but with a couple 100 km more usage) - Bridgestone Potenza RE950
Dario's "Porsche" value covers - no leaks in 14 years! ​​
Titled as '56 in Texas (Now Titled as a "1956 Spyder" in Ohio)
14k KM (Now just south of 16km)
Has 4 bolt wheels

Car is in excellent condition though has a few minor paint chips on the front of the car (to be repaired in the body-shop mentioned above), both of the seats have a slight split in the seam on the back (not readily visible) and the transaxle case needs to be re-powdercoated.

Engine has recently been completely overhauled by a local VW guy (to Huston, TX), still
a 2110 but now features Total Seal Piston rings, new CNC ported CB heads, alternator, fan shroud. Prior to overhaul the prior owner experienced several problems with the engine these have all now been resolved and the engine has never performed better. I removed the 911 fan/alternator and went to a conventional Type 1 set up - still have the original set up for anyone interested. The engine put out 148hp prior to putting on hi-flo heads, Vintage exhaust and removing the 911 fan - should be more like 165hp now.

I have other goodies not attached to the car yet including -
Dario's oil cooler grill
New headlight assemblies, the current ones have a little pitting on the chrome
Rear hood latches (I'm not sure that I still have these, since the weren't on the 56 550A, I kinda didn't want to add them, I'll need to consult the parts shelf! )
911 fan and alternator (the fan itself is a 911 fan & the housing has been turned down on a lathe to fit, very important!) with type 1 fan shroud (a Vintage option that the prior owner purchased the car from had removed - but all the hardware and 911 shroud is still available)
Others, I'm sure that I'm missing from memory...

Of the other upgrades I have in the works is installing a new type 1 fan should (dog house). I was running it withe a center mounted fan and was in the process of creating a type 4 "looking" fan housing cover. Head Temps were staying consistently within range, I just ran into issues fabricating the fiberglass cover. I was utilizing the idea proposed by albaran. I still have all of the necessary parts to complete this.

I'm also re-configuring the fuel line from the tank, adding a better in line filter and adding (something I wish it always had) a shut off valve at the tank.

As Winter turns to Spring here, I can wheel it out to complete my "in process" upgrades and list it for sale, for real. However, if there are any potential buyers local to Cleveland Ohio who may want to come out to take a look and perhaps make an offer I can't refuse... PM me, we can arrange something.

I paid $27k in May of 2005.

Spyder side_150.jpg
Orig pic from 2005 - not much has changed
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Re: Regrettably selling my 2000 Vintage Spyder?

Postby JustinS » Thu Aug 29, 2019 8:05 pm

Did you sell it? It's interesting what you paid for it in 2005. What are you asking for it now?
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