550 Spyder "BASE" and "COMPLETE" Kit Packages

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550 Spyder "BASE" and "COMPLETE" Kit Packages

Postby SeductionMotorsports » Tue Jul 12, 2016 2:08 am

Hello Spyder Club!

We are now offering 2 stages of 550 Spyder kits for those hands-on builders.

We offer 2 “Kit” packages. Broken down into the “BASE KIT” and “COMPLETE KIT”. The "COMPLETE KIT" then breaks down into 2 options (Aircooled or Watercooled). If you intend on installing a watercooled engine down the road, take advantage of our "WATERCOOLED" version of the "COMPLETED KIT".

Please check out our "BASE" Kit, "COMPLETE" Kit options, "ROLLER" packages, and "TURN-KEY" packages here:

https://www.seductionmotorsports.com/co ... e-packages


In order to schedule production, we require a deposit of $1,000 USD for any Seduction Motorsports component car package. It’s NOT crucial that your order is 100% complete as you can make changes to your order up to ten days before shipping, unless body/paint/frame modification changes are requested. (If you are not sure, please contact Seduction Motorsports for details).

After we receive your order we will send you a deposit receipt, an invoice that indicates your estimated build/shipment date and balance due, and some helpful documents about what to expect. If you are purchasing a “Kit” package, you will receive an invoice after your $1,000 USD deposit has been made requesting 50% of the “Kit” total cost minus the $1,000 USD deposit.

Between order point and your actual production date, an engineer/tech support person will call you and review your order. Our engineers will review the configuration of your order and make sure it is accurate and makes sense.

When the production date nears, a member of the tech support team will call for final 50% payment and to arrange pick-up or delivery times.


We do our best to maintain the schedule discussed at the time your order was placed. To secure your spot in line, we need the 1st deposit on our desk. To maintain the most accurate schedule discussed at the initial time of the order, we will also need the remaining payments to be made timely as well. Average time for “Kit” packages to be built and setup to ship is 6-8 weeks. This can change depending on how many orders we received in the previous or current month. Please contact Seduction Motorsports for the most current ETA.


Currently “Kit” packages need to be crated in a wood box (we provide this service for a surcharge) for shipment in the USA or overseas. We offer “Roller” and “Turn-key” packages as well which can be transported using most all vehicle transport carriers. Personal pick-up from our facility can be arranged. If you need a shipment estimation/quote, please contact Seduction Motorsports.


For a list of frequently asked questions, please visit our company’s website or give us a call.


We are a component kit car builder based out of Chandler, Arizona. We have built many concours winning, magazine featured, race proven, and weekend warrior replica vehicles. We encourage all clients and future clients to come visit our shop and take a tour. We offer a $600 USD discount off your “ROLLER” and “TURN-KEY” packages if you visit before or during your build. We strive to deliver our clients the highest attention to detail and quality in the component car industry. Come visit us if you have the opportunity to see for yourself. Contact Seduction Motorsports for more details.

Location: 3235 N. Arizona Ave. Suite D7, Chandler, Arizona 85225
Contact: 480-404-1117
Instagram: seduction_ms
Inquiries: daniel@seductionmotorsports.com
Builder of 550 Spyders, SM550 Spyder Outlaws & 356 Coupes
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