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Postby dazeaway » Tue Feb 08, 2011 5:22 pm

Thanks for the info. JUst got it. Will call tomorrow. Thanks again!
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Postby daVinci 550 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 4:58 am

dazeaway wrote:So the last point becomes delivery. How does someone give a company $5K knowing the intent is to get nothing for the money for 8 months. Is there a slow time?


As I mentioned, I forked over at least 5K and waited a lot longer. If you get your car in the 8 months, I will be happily suprised. It is possible with all the attention, it may just happen. You just need to stop worring about it and move forward. While you are waiting, you can learn lots and shop for those hard-to-come-by items to complete your dream car. [8D]
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I just bought a Beck/Charmonix from Special Edition

Postby cwebb3 » Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:29 am

Check the Special Edition website (www.beckspeedsters.com) as they show a fairly up to date inventory available.

I live in Indiana so I was lucky enough to visit their warehouse to order my car and then again to pick it up.
They had about 15 speedsters and 5 spyders there ready to sell when I was there.
I ended up ordering because I wanted a color combo they did not have in stock, but did have at the factory in Brazil. I ordered in Sept 09, and picked up at their office in Dec 09. It gets cold in Indiana so I didn't have time to finish assembly until spring, but it was on the road by May 2010.

I felt comfortable putting down my deposit because I knew, even if something happened to my specific order, that they had 20 more cars I could pick from even if their factory burned down. I knew I would not be left with nothing.
In the meantime, they have opened a new factory down the street from their office in Bremen, IN so we don't even need to wait for shipment from Brazil any more.

I did the same as you and crunched the numbers. By the time you get to paint, upholstery and accessories, the Beck is a good deal and they have so much more experience and time under their belt that the process goes very smooth.

I am waiting for the time that I can order a 904 from them to go with the spyder.

Good luck.

PS. Go to the Carlisle show in May as many of the builders are there and you can touch/feel/see the cars and many have show deals/pricing that can save $$$$. Good luck.
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