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Seduction Motorsports

PostPosted: Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:57 pm
by FrodeFE
Good morning.

Living in Norway, a really small country, the local expertise and availability of parts for my Beck 550 Spyder is extremely limited.
I wanted new brakes, wheels, dampers, exhaust and so on. I googled and landed on the Seduction Motorsports site.

Long story short - I need your help, well more your assistance in a transactional matter involving Seduction Motorsport.

I ordered and paid for parts for my Beck 550 at Seduction Motorsport (more than USD4.000).
I've been trying to get them to ship the parts that were missing for over 1/2 a year - to no prevail.

I've sent +20 emails and all I get are excuses.

What would you do in my position?

Re: Seduction Motorsports

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 6:40 am
by danstern
I don't know them but this is probably the right approach. They don't want to get a bad reputation in this small community, it would kill their business. Reach out to them again and tell them you'll correct the information on the internet as soon as you receive your parts. Best Wishes.

Re: Seduction Motorsports

PostPosted: Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:29 pm
by SpyderMike
I think you are doing the right thing also.

You might also ask if anyone located near them would visit them on your behalf to get the true status. I actually did that for a few people on this site with one of the main suppliers and I was ultimately successful. It was a bit painful, but it was done.

I would also suggest a search of public records for the county they are located in to see if they have pending legal issues. In some cases this is a simple public access search. In other cases there may be a registration process with a small fee to pay for access. I did that for the other folks and we had a better idea of what actually was behind the excuses.

Most importantly, Good luck!

Re: Seduction Motorsports

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 5:00 pm
by RS-60 mark
If what you are saying is true, then I also think you are correct spotlighting it on open forum.

There is no excuse for customer service so poor over a long-term that it prompts complaint about it in public. Worse, there is no justification for vendor fraud (taking money for promised materials or services that are not provided as promised). In fact, fraud is illegal in Arizona.

But before jumping-on and stamping Seduction with a lot of worst-case scenarios, I would like to know a little more about the actual promised transaction. What did you order, what did you receive, what is outstanding, when do they promise to complete your order or refund your money?

Is there something on your list that is custom-made and simply takes a long time to get into the manufacturing queue, or import, or outsource from elsewhere? Did they tell you about this at the time of order?

There have been horrible and well documented instances of gross supplier dishonesty and bad business practices aired-out over the years on spyderclub. By comparison to those cases, it is worthwhile to mention that Seduction has seldom been included with that kind of public criticism. Generally, Seduction has an acceptable reputation in our community. This is an opportunity for Seduction; the ball is in their court to defend their reputation and immediately resolve your complaint. I'm thinking they will.

Let us know how this progresses. Good luck!

Re: Seduction Motorsports

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:03 pm
by SeductionMotorsports
All false.

Frode, you were instructed numerous times to contact your local post office. Half of your shipment was delivered, the other package (over a year ago) was held due to refused delivery due to lack of your response on paying import taxes. I'm sick of your threatening emails. I stopped replying to your emails because there is no helping you, you play the victim. I've given you numerous emails with how to contact your post office and go pick up the parts. If you want to continue this conversation, send me an email and I will forward you our business attorney's contact info. I'm done investing time to help you. You cannot help people who don't want help.

I won't be checking up on this post, nor the other posts you posted elsewhere about this. You have numerous emails with instructions. If you want our attorney's contact info, email me.


Re: Seduction Motorsports

PostPosted: Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:18 pm
by SeductionMotorsports
You've waited so long that when we input the USPS tracking number on their website, its pops up as duplicate: ... 62894187US

Tracking number: CJ162894187US

I'll post it here since you feel the need to do so. Also, your purchase was less than half the amount you claim, but I will not screen shot that and post it publicly since your address and contact info is on there. Quit the threatening emails or unlike you, I will have my attorney contact you and end this BS, I am a principal person and do not appreciate the BS. All you have to do is go pick up the package and pay the import taxes. I am not sending you free parts, I am not going to make up fake invoices as you requested numerous times via email stating the cost of the items so you didn't have to pay taxes. We are a business, not a charity. If you cannot afford the import taxes, NOT MY PROBLEM. There is a reason why your credit card company and PayPal did not refund your requests. You state you were the President of Porsche in Norway for years, numerous times.. then act your pay grade and go pick up your parts. End of issue. Problem solved.

Have a better day,