Spring Dust Off

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Spring Dust Off

Postby egrant5329 » Sun Apr 22, 2018 11:43 am

After near white out snow conditions the otherday, today we finally hit 60 degrees. So today I changed out snow tires for summer tires for all my vehicles, then I went and pulled my spyder out of storage. I always run the fuel pump for a minute or two before cranking the starter, but every year on initial start up I get some nasty popping out the exhaust. After running the engine for a minute or two it goes away. What causes the car to do that? Are the floats sticking or the carb bowls not filling properly?

On a side note, Friday I made a trip to the Motorcyclepedia Museum in Newburgh, NY http://www.motorcyclepediamuseum.org What an amazing museum of motorcycles, especially if you are into very early motorcycles that were basically bicycles with motors. I highly recommend it if you are ever out that way. While there I met Fritz Schenck http://www.spritzbyfritz.com . He was delivering a car, the Roswell Rod https://www.facebook.com/SpritzByFritzcom-328905514265/, to the museum. This guy does some amazing one off fiberglass creations. Anyway, it was fun and I thought I would share.
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Re: Spring Dust Off

Postby BB73 » Sun Apr 22, 2018 4:56 pm

I always thought the popping was a lean condition. Even though you run the pump the fuel has to be drawn through the ports and jets.
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