previous california sb100?

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previous california sb100?

Postby EricTheRed » Tue Sep 11, 2018 10:23 pm

Hi Spyder folks!
Thinking about becoming a spyder owner again, and considering buying a car from Arizona.

Here is the issues I'm having...

Car was at one time registered in California as a 1990 SPCNS SPYDER, and has a white california sticker. This sticker says (no crankcase pvc required) and has a bar code on it. Does this white tag allow the car to be smog exempt?

The other mark is an actual (assigned identification number) from california and a control number. When I had a friend who is a policer officer run the tag it came up not registered to this type of car, actually an international scout.

Now the kicker, car is current titled in AZ as a 1955 Porsche SPCN, and before was the same in NJ.
Question is if I was going to bring this car back into California do you think I would have any issues given the attached sticker and metal vin plate? Do you think I would need to go through the SB100 again, given it looks like it went through in early 2003?

thanks for any info!
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Re: previous california sb100?

Postby danstern » Wed Sep 12, 2018 6:25 am

If the SB100 really belongs to this car, then I think you'll be ok. However, if some shenanigans were played with assigned VIN or SB100 you could be in a world of hurt. There was a scary one on BaT that claimed an SB100 but when I called the DMV the plates and VIN still belonged to a Honda. Car was withdrawn. You can call the CA DMV yourself and confirm all the nos. and ease of registration.
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