Advice with Spyder build

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Advice with Spyder build

Postby Metalthumper » Wed Aug 24, 2016 11:29 am

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I am building an AL 550. I am a metal fabricator and mechanical engineer who knows desperately little about VWs and Subarus.

I am leaning towards a Subaru WRX motor and transaxle for my 550. I priced out a 1914 dual weber VW type 1 engine and a 1971-72 VW IRS transaxle with the ring and pinion flipped for mid-engine set up and it is way pricey $$, which led me to the Subaru option. I'm looking for information on this type of set up, advice and anything to look out for.

I have a chassis design, but of course predicated on the powertrain selection. Looking at a-arm replacement package for the front via eye-ball engineering or equivalent and a-arms in the rear based off of a Rorty design.

I'm not looking to get anything crazy, 125 hp would be great. I do want something that is very responsive, fun to drive in the twisties, and a little fun off the line.

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Re: Advice with Spyder build

Postby sjgharib » Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:37 pm

You don't need a WRX for 125 HP. Get yourself an EJ25 or even an EJ20. My EJ254 probably makes ~150 HP without any performance mods except exhaust headers.
You can then decide if you want swing axles or not - you can add a Kennedy adapter plate and flywheel / clutch and mate it with a VW transaxle for a pretty light weight combo. I chose my gear ratios so that it basically matched the stock Subaru gears 1st and 5th with 4 gears on the VW. I can dig up the ratios I used if you're interested.

If you stay away from the WRX then you can get bare JDM motors for less than $1000! (of course you'll spend more on the transaxle, ECU, etc) Don't forget to include provisions to route the water to a front mounted radiator.

Sounds like a fun project... post pics!
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