i am still around and driving it 43,000 k's

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i am still around and driving it 43,000 k's

Postby FERNANDO FERNANDEZ » Thu Aug 25, 2016 4:46 am

just to let you old timers know that i am still around and still driving my beck. great car ...i found a great mechanic here in miami and close to my house in coral gables.
he not only tunes my engine and carbs but also did a great job of fixing the left front fender and headlight after i ran into the wall in my garage . repainted the entire car to the original silver / blue . no real damage to anything other than cosmetic .and pride.
car now has 42,000 k's and great riding .just back from key west but unfortunately everyone wants to go to KW and traffic is a mess ..max speed is around 45 to 50 mph not only due to traffic but also a cop every 10 miles or less ....
i tried to include a shot but the site is telling me the file is invalid ...?

oh ,also , a couple of months ago while in vermont i arrived , on my new kawasaki versy 1000 at a local place for lunch and i stopped in front of a hardware store that had two horizontal railings about 12 inches or more wide .
i stopped about 4 feet away from the railings ........
i put my right foot down
held on to the throttle (big mistake ) took hand off the clutch ( even bigger mistake )
and as i put my left foot down i must have brushed against the shift lever.........
the bike lunged forward
i lost balance and as i was grabbing the accelerator and i ,yes, accelerated and

crashed thru the wood barrier braking it in half . i came to stop against a bunch of fertilizer bags that were 3 feet behind the barrier .

i guess when you see Tom Cruise riding thru wood barriers in a movie ,YES IT CAN BE DONE

i did not fall down, not even a scratch, and the only damage to the bike was the front fender and the fairing .....replacing it with new parts ....zero damage to any other components.

maybe the time has come to stop riding .????/
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