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Engine Stalled

Postby GatorGT3 » Fri Apr 14, 2017 5:32 am

So I live in Sebring and the track was having a Porsche event and what better way to enjoy the Spyder than to take it out. Car ran awesome, as it has since I have owned it for the past 10 years. To get into the paddock, there is a drive-over bridge with fairly steep approaches. Went into the paddock without issues, drove around for a while and exited the paddock to drive through the infield. When I returned to the paddock via the drive-over bridge, the car stalled on top of the bridge. Coasted down and parked it. Would crank but no fire. Had it towed back to the house and stayed at the track to enjoy the event. When I returned home the tow driver (who I knew) left the car in the drive way blocking the garage doors. Was going to be hard to push it into the garage by myself so I tried to start her up and BINGO cranked right up without any problem. Took it for a drive and it ran perfect. Any thoughts on the cause of the stall? I initially thought that my fuel pump was not working but I could not verify whether it was running at the track due to the noise of the event. Did not have a full take of fuel at the time so could the steep incline of the drive-over have caused an air pocket in the fuel line? Kind of afraid to drive it until I know what caused the issue. Thanks for any help or suggestions.
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Re: Engine Stalled

Postby danstern » Fri Apr 14, 2017 6:20 am

If you only had a gallon or two of fuel and the incline is that steep, it could just be you 'ran out of gas'. Why not drive it around for an hour without getting more than a few miles from home.
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