French Spider ??

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French Spider ??

Postby babrs » Mon Aug 29, 2011 1:24 pm

Hello all,
I'm a newcomer in the forum and in fact got the adress from one of your member I met during peeble beach week where I just stayed half a day during my summer trip in California. Sorry, I haven't caught the name but he might recognise himself. I guess we weren't so many Frenchies around your 550 !...
Just a fan of nearly all Porsches but the 550 has always been my beloved since...I cannot remember...
Be quit, I will not tell you my life but being stuck for a while on the "resonnable side" of relation ship with my banker when talking toys, I have started (like so many other) with VW like Dune buggies (I still got one under rebuilding)
In fact I cannot refrain from bringing to your knowledge the "French Spider" that I am delighted to ride since 2 years now; I changed my banker... It is is "just" a Renault car, made of aluminium chassis, fiberglass bodied with a 2l 4cyl mid mounted engine, w/o screen hu hu....doesn't ring a bell ?...I'm pretty sure some of you know the "thing"

Well, you understand, if European registration was not so...idxxx...strict, I would drive a 550. I know that a few people have got the "pass" in France for a replica but I think it is for big money and I am not ready...yet

I wish all the best to the forum and all members, trust European when we say that you have a wonderfull country which also looks like even for car nuts

so long
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