static cling vinyl stickers: interest check!

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static cling vinyl stickers: interest check!

Postby &1 » Wed Sep 05, 2012 4:04 am

There are lots of race-related stickers/decals in the world, but most of them have a back with glue to make them stick on the car. Putting those stickers on a car is pretty permanent and removing them usualy destroys the sticker and may cause damage to the car...

I found a company that can make these stickers on heavy duty static cling vinyl (no glue, easy removable and re-usable) in high quality (far better than most 'stickers' that are sold on for example ebay).

A lot of Spyders -also on this forum- are 'clean' and have no racing stickers on them. I can imagine that you would like it when you could give your car a (non permanent) racy look every now and then and/or for 'special occasions': just put a couple of these static cling stickers on your car and you have the 'race look', just remove them afterwards and re-use them whenever you want...

Am I correct? Would there be any interest in these static cling 'stickers'?

I was thinking about the following stickers:

- Mobiloil Pegasus
- Castrol oil
- Bosch spark plugs
- Heuer
- Mille Miglia
- Koni
- Telefunken (the square version)

Any others?
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Re: static cling vinyl stickers: interest check!

Postby arajani » Mon Sep 10, 2012 11:22 am

This sounds great -- I would be interested in the Mobil pegasus, Heuer and Mille Miglia for sure.

Your car looks amazing. What a masterpiece! I am excited for you!

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